Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now Introducing…Photography Paperwork! (you know…all the goodies like contracts, print releases, etc).

I am excited to finally have this set up for grabs!  There have been a few times in my photographic career that I had clients go crazy…and I mean totally crazy on me.  In each of these instances, I was left hanging on the phone holding back tears because I had just got threatened a law suit!  My husband, who is in law school always had that, ‘alright!  Bring it on, then!’ attitude.  He just is exciting to get out there and fight….but not me, and as a photographer, that should also be your biggest worry!  I started doing business with no business forms, but soon found out that I really did need all this different paperwork in order to protect myself!  Now, no one does a shoot without a signed contract.  If they don’t like my terms, and are trying to change them around too much, I just let them know that they way I have it is how I run my business and it works well for me.  If they would like to try and find someone else, they’re welcome to.  It is so important for you to hold your ground….it is YOUR business!!  Okay, I’m talking too much now!  Smile  Here’s a picture of the forms (they’re in two files), and a link to the shop if you’d like to take advantage now.



Click here to see in the shop!!

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